Hi, friends!

My name is Jessie.  I’m an educator, traveler, and lover of happiness and adventure. Visually documenting life has been an indulgence of mine since my first black and white film photography class back in junior high.

For me, photography is a way to fearlessly document the beauty, bravery, and hope I see reflected in the world.

If I’m not teaching beautiful little third grade souls, or ferociously editing photos, you can find me reading, practicing yoga, drinking fizzy water, and eating pizza.
Mostly, I love adventuring and traveling with the love of my life and very best friend.

Let’s talk life! I’d love to hear more about the special light within you and your very special upcoming event.  Start by saying hello!

|| quit hiding your magic...

|| the world is waiting for you.


Hello wonderful people!

My name is Madeline Stranzl and I am the Creative Coordinator here at HumanKind.  You can either find me up in the Peruvian Andes hangin’ with the Alpacas, hammocking by Payette Lake, eating sushi, or doing really anything outdoors.  I am a freshman in college studying at the University of Puget Sound. (Go Loggers!)

I am very passionate about doing the good and giving back.  I have travelled to Peru and Guatemala on service trips and they both changed my whole perspective and my purpose.  My purpose is to serve, to enlighten through creativity, and to share stories.

So if you are looking not just for pictures, but for a story, HumanKind is your place. I am excited to go on this journey with HumanKind and discover something about myself along the way!